Panda is still looking for his forever home!
Panda is a typical boy…goofy and ready to rumble. He’s vocal, but not so much a barker. He’s a smart boy and is very food motivated. You could teach him to do just about anything with a pocket of treats. He looks like a northern breed but tends to act more like a herding type. He’s got great recall and sticks close to his people. He’s been exposed to horses daily, stumbled upon wildlife, and has had one brief cat introduction while indoors. He was curious but very cautious and respectful of all. He’s mostly potty trained but does still have occasional accidents if you don’t catch his cues. He isn’t kennel “trained” officially but he sleeps in his kennel and uses it for naps at will. He has shockingly never chewed on anything other than his toys. He really likes his elk antlers and to peel tennis balls – not so much to fetch them. He loves to play with other dogs and takes their direction and correction well. He has the most beautiful coat…thick and warm but very low maintenance. You could swipe burs or dirt right off, and I have yet to see him shed a single hair. He isn’t a fan of mud but loves snow. He likes to do his business in private. He is incredibly nimble, athletic and agile for such a big boy. He’ll make a heck of an adventure partner and a loyal companion. He has medium to low energy, but can turn it up or down pretty quickly. Overall…he’s a real gem!