You decided to adopt. Thank you!

Here are the requirements:

  • You are 21 years or older.
  • You live in a non-smoking home.
  • You have a securely fenced yard.
  • You do not work long hours away from home.
  • You do not have unaltered dogs in your home.

The initial week following your adoption will serve as a probationary period. If, for any reason, you and your newly adopted dog do not harmonize, this timeframe offers a valuable opportunity for assessment. Regular check-ins will be requested as we prioritize our dogs’ well-being. Our foremost responsibility is to secure homes that not only offer affection but also provide suitable living conditions tailored to each breed’s specific needs.

Adoption arrangements are initially coordinated via email. Your provided details will be thoroughly reviewed, and you can expect a timely response. If the current dog listings don’t align with your preferences, kindly complete the questionnaire, and we will include you on the roster of approved adopters, ensuring consideration when the right dog becomes available.

During the adoption process, you must complete a contract representing a mutual commitment between you and Rilo’s Rescue, aligning with the abovementioned terms and conditions. It’s essential to understand that our objective is not to pass judgment on anyone’s lifestyle but to guarantee that these dogs, many of whom have already faced adversity, find optimal homes where they can enjoy a healthy, secure, and loving environment throughout their years.

Rilo’s Rescue takes full responsibility for their placements. In the event of an incompatible match or non-compliance with the contract’s terms, our contract stipulates that the dog MUST be returned to Rilo’s Rescue for alternative placement. We retain the authority to reclaim any dog kept in contravention of the contractual agreement. Adopters are prohibited from seeking alternative placements independently. Please note that we do not provide “refunds,” as any payments made are considered donations, not payments for goods or services.


You decided to foster. Thank you!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • All primary care is provided, which includes a bed, crate, food, bowls, toys, collar, and leash. If it is a puppy, all puppy supplies are provided.
  • All primary medical care is ensured, including vaccinations, spaying, and neutering.
  • If other animals or children are in the home, I will visit and make introductions and an evaluation.
  • We expect you will provide information about the pup’s/dog’s personality and photos so we can post them on our social channels to help adopt the pup/dog.
  • I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE BY TEXT for any questions or concerns. 208.309.3201

If you satisfy the prerequisites and are prepared to foster, kindly complete the foster application. You will receive a prompt response. We extend our gratitude for your patience and thank you in advance to those committed to maintaining regular communication with us throughout the integration process.

Additionally, we provide a Foster-to-Adopt initiative, which presents an excellent opportunity to acquaint yourself with a prospective lifelong companion. This approach eases the transition for the rescued dog by placing it directly into a potential forever home, mitigating stress. You will take the role of fostering with the intent to adopt, and should the situation unfold smoothly and mutual agreement is reached between you and Rilo’s Rescue, the adoption process will be finalized, with all medical requirements completed.

*Important information: If you decide the dog is not a suitable match for your lifestyle, we understand, and you agree to foster the dog until we secure a forever home for the dog.