Available for adoption!

Meet Hemingway!

Age: 11 months
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever/German Shepherd Mix

He’s the sweetest 11 month old 80 lb Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mutt mix you’ll ever find!

He knows sit, heel, leave it, fetch, and is pretty good with stay commands. He understands “No” as well. He is potty trained, leash trained and kennel trained. Working with him on not being mouthy when excited but he has a soft mouth. He is playful and chill and is a sweet sensitive dog. He doesn’t do well being yelled at, but he’s great with gentle and firm commands.

Due to his size and being a younger dog, he would do best with an adult family or a family with slightly older kids (so he doesn’t accidentally knock over a young child). He does well with other dogs and cats but is best suited for other large dogs due to his size and playfulness.

He has all his shots, is neutered, and comes with his kennel, toys, water and food bowls, etc.